Are you interested in joining the BAS New Hope program?

Bayou Animal Services serves the residents of Dickinson, Santa Fe, and Clear Lake Shores every day in various ways, including reuniting lost pets with their families, adopting pets into new homes, and providing resources and counseling to help people and pets stay together. BAS strives to find loving homes for homeless and abandoned cats, dogs, rabbits, and many more animals, both by adopting animals directly to the public and by partnering with many dedicated animal placement organizations (our New Hope adoption partners). BAS’s animal rescue team responds to calls from the public to help keep our communities safe and rescue animals that are in need.  


The New Hope Program

The New Hope Program is BAS’s proactive community initiative aimed at finding homes for our communities’ homeless animal population, especially those that require specialized medical care or behavior training. New Hope Partners take ownership of BAS animals and either place them into permanent homes immediately through their own adoption processes, or care for them in shelters, foster homes, boarding facilities, or other facilities; prior to finding permanent homes.


New Hope Partner Benefits:

  • Partners have access to animals of all types including low cost and free adoptions, fosters, and at-risk animals

  • There is no fee to pull an animal from BAS

  • All animals are vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered (if possible) prior to placement

  • When possible, animals will be transported from the shelter to the New Hope partners designated address at no-cost

  • Eligible for placement stipends not available to the public

Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

Organizations that are established as an animal shelter, animal welfare organization, animal rescue organization, or veterinary hospital may be eligible to participate in the New Hope Program. Interested organizations can obtain an application form on BAS’s website or by contacting BAS at

The organization must submit a completed application form along with all required documentation for review by BAS. BAS’s New Hope Department will review the materials and contact the potential partner via email and phone with notification of its status.

A complete New Hope application will include:

  1. A New Hope Partner Application Form. Application forms that are incomplete, not signed or illegible will not be considered

  2. A copy of the organization’s 501(c)(3) status, veterinary business license or wildlife license

  3. A copy of the organization’s articles of incorporation and by-laws, if applicable

  4. A copy of the organization’s adoption application and adoption agreement, together with a written description of the organization’s adoption process

  5. A list of all boarding facilities and trainers utilized by the organization, including name, address, and contact information

  6. A list of shelters the organization currently pulls animals from including name, address, and contact information

  7. If the organization is a 501(c)3 organized under the laws of the State of Texas, proof of registration with Texas.  If the organization is organized under the laws of another state with a registration requirement, proof of such registration

Upon notification of acceptance into the New Hope Program, the organization must review and sign a New Hope Program Agreement.

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Fostering as a New Hope Partner

New Hope Partners may be eligible to foster certain animals that have been identified by BAS as foster candidates. These animals may include:

  • animals who are injured, young, ill, or whose behavioral needs BAS cannot meet; or

  • species for which BAS does not have the proper accommodations to house or required expertise to provide humane care.

To be eligible to foster an animal, a New Hope Partner must:

  • have been a New Hope Partner in good standing for the three-month period prior to the request;

  • receive prior written approval from BAS’s Executive Director or New Hope Program Manager; and

  • sign a Foster Agreement for the animal.

If the foster animal becomes eligible for adoption, the New Hope Partner may sign a New Hope Adoption Agreement and obtain ownership of the animal.


New Hope Partnership Status Review

BAS has the right to, for any reason and at any time to, (i) investigate any placement of an animal made with a New Hope Partner, and (ii) review and reevaluate any New Hope Partner’s status in the New Hope Program and placement privileges. BAS has the right to, at any time and for any reason, suspend or remove a New Hope Partner from the New Hope Program. BAS will conduct periodic audits of New Hope Partners.

Circumstances including but not limited to the following may result in BAS investigating a New Hope Partner and/or suspending or terminating a New Hope Partner from the New Hope Program:

  • Evidence of involvement by a New Hope Partner and/or their respective foster homes or affiliates in situations involving animal hoarding or cruelty

  • Evidence that the care of animals placed with the New Hope Partner has been compromised

  • Failure to communicate in a polite, respectful manner with staff and volunteers at all times

  • Returning animals to BAS without sufficient justification or cause

  • Failure to provide information requested for animal(s) placed with the New Hope Partner

  • Repeated failure to complete the transfer of animals in a timely manner

  • Interference or disruption of the functions or protocols established within the BAS care centers

  • Ignoring or circumventing BAS’s or the New Hope Program’s policies, procedures, eligibility requirements and practices

  • Disclosing confidential BAS information


Reinstatement of New Hope Partner Status

If a New Hope Partner is terminated from the New Hope Program and would like to be reinstated, the organization must:

  1. Submit a complete New Hope application

  2. Submit a written statement explaining the reason for requesting reinstatement

  3. Provide proof of action taken to remedy the issues or circumstances that led to the termination

  4. Agree to and satisfactorily pass a site visit inspection if required by BAS

  5. Sign a New Hope Program Agreement

BAS will carefully review all materials and will provide a written response with the decision regarding reinstatement. In addition to the information provided by the applicant, other factors, including but not limited to the following, will be considered:

  • Any neglect or cruelty complaints or convictions

  • Complaints received from fosters, adopters, or partners of the organization

  • Interactions with BAS staff, volunteers, and partners

  • Adherence to BAS and New Hope Program policies and the spirit of partnership as outlined in the applicable documents